David M. Tolo

Senior Technology Manager

I have been an IT professional since the early 90’s. I started right when the first commercially available cd burners came out, I made multimedia CD’s that promoted businesses and municipalities. Since then I have saved companies millions of dollars by helping them to become as effective and efficient with technology as possible. In my 10 years working for Oracle, I helped keep them on the cutting edge of technology and when I left I trained the whole department to move into what was coming next.


Hartford Connecticut

David brought high-speed internet technology to the City of Hartford Connecticut in 1994.  Hartford was a Netware shop, so he learned how to install and maximise the cutting edge firewall Novell BorderManager and secured all of the city’s municipalities behind it.  David then went on to build a cutting-edge website that allowed a liaison from each department to keep their information current saving money and keeping it always up to date.


Judicial Branch – State of Connecticut

After training the staff at the City David was recruited by the State.  The Judicial Branch needed an interactive self-updating intranet.  David built out a Sharepoint site that fulfilled all of their needs, using SQL SharePoint tied directly into the current databases and as the data was updated so too was the website.



David hit the ground running as a team lead for virtualization right when Oracle decided that they wanted to virtualize their IT infrastructure and develop a product of their own.  David maintained, rolled out and managed the VMware Virtualization for USA, Canada, South America, UK, and India.  When their homegrown product was ready he helped transition Oracle from VMware to OVM.  Oracle discovered that the wanted the functionality of Hyper-v with SCVMM for the windows servers so David lead the initiative to migrate all of Oracle STIT to the Microsoft product.  Before leaving Oracle David trained a team of system administrators in implementing and using new technology


Virtual Works

Transitioning from Oracle David began to focus on Technology Management – Which involves integrated planning, design, optimization, operation and control of technological products, processes and services.   Businesses can obtain an advantage  through strategic management of technology.  Key to this is virtualization and the cloud.



David is active in community service. In 2011 he and his brother John started a neighborhood reclamation project called the Safecity in Frogtown, Saint Paul, MN. In that time they took one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the area and with the help of the police and other organizations, completely turned the neighborhood around.  They work with the young adults and teenagers to stop sex trafficking, drug dealing and help people come out of poverty.

My job is to help professionals to achieve their technology goals while remaining cost effective and stable. I do this by tailor making technology solutions to suit my clients individual needs. By maximizing power, space, hardware, and software; I can get them where they want to be.

David Tolo

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