Agility – Speed – Experimentation – Culture of innovation

Elasticity, scalability, and reliability of computer resources
Global reach
New resources are a click away
Virtual Works – Cloud Computing enables operations as code (safely experiment) (operations control)


    • Geographical (Physical locations in the world)
    • Contains Multiple Availability Zones
  • AVAILABILITY ZONES (AZs) Number of resources within those regions (Discreet Data Centers)
    • One or more discreet data centers
    • Redundant:
    • Housed in separate facilities
  • Highly Available
  • Fault tolerance:
    • Applications operational during component failure
    • Built-in redundancy of components
  • High Availability:
    • Systems “always” functioning and accessible
    • Downtime is minimized
    • Without Human Intervention


  • Scale computing resources up or down easily
    • Quickly deploy new resources
    • Instantly scale up as the workload grows
    • Instantly shut down resources that are no longer required
    • Scale down and don’t pay for the infrastructure


  • Tools to run a wide range of applications
  • Auto-scaling and Elastic Load Balancing
    • Scale up or down based on demand.
  • Deploy your systems in multiple regions
    • Lower latency and better experience
  • Innovative services and cutting-edge technology
  • Virtually any workload

SECURITY AND COMPLIANCESecurity policy can be formalized and embedded with the design of your infrastructure

  • Customer retains control over region where data is located
  • Security auditing often periodic and manual
  • AWS cloud provides governance capabilities
  • Industry-leading capabilities that meet the strictest security requirements
    • State-of-the-art electronic surveillance
    • Multi-factor access control systems
    • Staffed 24×7 by trained security guards
    • Access is strictly least-privileged basis
    • Environmental systems minimize the impact of disruptions
    • Multiple regions and Availability Zones enable resiliency


  • High performing and reliable solutions
  • Implement solutions quickly and with limited friction
  • Reliability:
    • Ability to recover from infrastructure or service failures
    • Dynamically acquire resources to meet demands and mitigate disruptions
  • Must have well-planned foundation
    • Handle changes in demand
    • Detect failure and automatically heal itself
    • Achieve greater flexibility and capacity
    • Reduce uncertainty of forecasting hardware needs
    • Capacity and reliability that is difficult to match by on-premise solutions.

PRICING:  Pay as you go

  • Avoid dedicating costly resources to infrastructure
    • Servers, Software Licenses, Facilities, Space and Power, Security etc.
    • Redirect focus to innovation and invention
    • Reduce procurement complexity
    • Enabling elasticity
    • Adapt to changing business needs
    • Improve responsiveness to changes
    • Reduce risk of overprovisioning or missing capacity